Defender M.O.

Pomp action shotgun in 12×76 ch gauge. This gun has been proper studied for Defence, Tactical shooting and Law Enforcement uses, because a manual operating gun, perfectly shoots EVERY KIND of ammunitions (in 12×70/76 ch) independently of their power. It means LETHAL-LESS LETHAL and NOT LETHAL purpose cartridges. Tube magazine 7 rounds (plus one) capacity. (It is possible to have a fixed reduction capacity at two rounds). The receiver in strong aluminium league (ergal 55) is mat finished and black anodized. On request, it is possible to get the receiver and barrel coated with moderns nanoceramic technologies (ceramic vernices). On the top of the receiver it is possible to fit a Piccatinny rail in order to fit Ghost rings, lasers, red points and other accessories. Deep drilled barrel in 42 cr-mo4 steel, chromed inside and external blued. It is possible to fit at the muzzle some accessories like Muzzle brake and some others. The stock is in tecnopolimer and can be Telescopic and/or folding. Tecnopolimer forend too with an ergonomic design and piccatinny rail incorporated.

*The images are for demonstration purposes, the lateral incision may vary depending on the rating