Who we are


Despite the national and international crisis, which involves general economy and the arms sector in particular, we decided to invest in this sector anyway, trusting in our years of experience, founding the IRONARMI S.R.L. and producing a Made in Italy quality shotgun, competitive in price. It’s strong the conviction that the excellent quality of our shotguns will allow us to cover large areas of the national and international market, focusing on small calibres still required from the hunters’.


Beginning with a full range of semiautomatic shotguns, with now consolidated system over the years. At gas recovery. In gauge 12, 20 and 28, in various models and versions, butts and rods in wooden or polymers with a simple design, and, at the same time, original.

Following a shotgun hunting’s range in gauge 12, 20, 28, 410 and combined, in addition to small arms single barrel.


Semiautomatic at gas recovery. The simple and reliable system adopted, over the years, from many houses gunsmith, exploiting the gas subtraction produced from the dusts violent explosion at the shot moment, which is used as recharge for the next shot.

The simplicity of the mechanical principle guarantees the working with commercial ammunitions loaded in their respective gauges from 20 to 56 gr.

All the lily symbol barrels could be used with ammunitions loaded with steel shots. Particularly attention to the control of the choke tube reducers, on which is engraved the possible steel shots use.

IRON ARMI, being understood the starting principle, provided to personalize and optimize, at best, the working of this mechanism, making improvements in the mechanical system and setting in the choice concerning quality and treatment of the used materials.

Using a special steel, from a full round shape bar drawn, we obtain the barrels, drilled directly with special machines and worked following the most modern mechanical techniques. The high quality protective treatments guarantee the durability and the use without problems, also in critical environments. Are guaranteed perfects pinks and long range shots, compared to other barrels of similar characteristics.

From a full aluminium alloy (ergal 55), with high mechanical properties, we obtain the carcass. The material choice, in this alloy, guarantees strength, like some steels, and lightness at the same time.

IRON ARMI uses woods of selected walnut and walnut choice from Turkey, currently top country concerning the qualitative level and the supply of this important material.

Butts and rods are made in collaboration to specialized and renowned workshops founded in the district of the known Valtrompia (BS)

An original design of the shagreen and an oil finishing allow to create an high quality product, original and useful at the same time.

The models range is wide; in collaboration with masters engravers of wide fame, are produced on the carcass, drawings, engravings and particular treatments for various models and versions, pointing to a products of fine quality and long-lasting, proof from the most hostile weathering, nice to see and appreciated by the hunters’.

In conformity to stringent quality standards, IRONARMI guarantees the maximum of the quality in the materials choice, as well as for mechanical operations and design. All the semi-automatic shotguns are supplied with a wooden box packing and are accompanied by: instruction manual Italian /English, Ironarmi shotgun scabbard, n° 5 reducers/chokers from * to ** stars, key to reducing, n° 1 reducer/chocker internal/external mm 50 (2”) *7** (not for cal 28), thicknesses set for butt folds, optical fibre sighting system. Optional on demand, with addition of price: rigid carrying gun case in plastic material, slug barrel for standard shotguns or for left-handed, in gauges 12 and 20 with glossy, matte or camouflage finishing, Standard barrel length mm 510 (20”), mm 610 (24”), mm 660 (26”), mm 710 (28”) and mm 760 (30”) for standard shotguns or for left-handed in calibres 12, 20 and 28, glossy, matte or camo finishing. Precision sighting system at optical fibres applicable on ribs for all standard barrel models.

(For countries where the use is allowed), Magazine extension to 8 shots gauge 28, to 9 shots gauge 20, to 10 shots gauge 12, including spring increased, rapid removal reducer and suspender t-shirt in their respective gauges.

.IRON ARMI,always following innovations and modern products, introduce on the market a new line of shotguns privileiging small gauges. Ares MITO 410, is semiauto gas system with some original features. One of theese is the employ of a box magazine two plus one rounds( also a four plus one rounds magazine is available)

ETRUSCA: it is the name of side by sides models in 28 and 410 gauges.Theese two models has been developed with a very classic line for a classic hunting. The receiver is maufactured starting from a monolitic and strong steel material.The
ergonomicity and design are following the best italian style
ETRUSCO. it is a complete family of Over/Unders in all the gauges ( 12- 20- 28- 410 ). The main features of theese guns are regarding the strong resistence in an elegant shape.
For the shooters that particolary enjoy  the cinetic semiautos,IRON ARMI, introduces INERTIAL. Inertial is a semiauto in 12 and 20 gauges that use for reloading the cinetic spring device.
the superior performances of the barrels of ALL the IRON ARMI guns, are assicured by the professional and traditional know how in manufacturing barrels with the ” DEEP DRILLING” process and using strong crome-molibden steel

Warranty of 2 years and an after-sales qualified servicing characterize the prestige of an IRONARMI choice.

The “Instructions Manual”, included with the shotgun, provides all the information concerning working, characteristics and information concerning the safety use of the IRONARMI purchased shotgun.


The Company is located in Brescia province, typically weapon-making, with registered office in Perugia province, a region of intensive hunting.