Solengo Black Gold

Model born for wild boar hunting, in fact in gauge 12 and 20 the shotgun has slug barrel with adjustable rear sight or standard barrel with mobile chockes. In gauge 28 the shotgun has standard barrel with mobile chockes and adjustable rear sight. With sides engravings where is written in, on right side, trademark, logo, model, gauge and bore scene; on the left side Made in Italy and hunting scene with boar chased by dogs scene. Produced in gauge 12, 20, 28, the last is equipped with standard barrel. Stock and forend are in selected walnut, oil finishing and knurls by an original and functional design, in the forend is engraved the IRON ARMI logo. Produced in BLACK GOLD version where the black anodized receiver with fine sandblasting and shiny polished sides on which are written in, logo and drawing in gold.

*The images are for demonstration purposes, the lateral incision may vary depending on the rating