Ares Defender

Ares Defender 12/76 semi-automatic gas-operated refilling system, it was born as a defense rifle, but it i salso suitable for dynamic shooting. It has a gritty outfit, it’s beautiful handy and functional when used. Created and already used abroad by foreign armies and police, it can be placed with dignity in the sports field of dynamic shooting. Produced in 12/76 gauge synthetic version with adjustable or folding polymer stock, polymer forend with mm 470 or mm 510 slug barrel. Magazine tube with a capacity up to 7 shot plus one in the barrel. Sighting system for backsight, adjustable diopter in sights and drift. It is equipped with a weaver slide above the receiver for use with accessories. It is exceptional in the rapidity of charching.Certified by Banco Nazionale di Gardone Valtrompia for use with steel ammunition.

*Le immagini sono puramente dimostrative, l’incisione laterale potrebbe variare in base al calibro