Iron Competition Red

The Iron Competition 12/76 comes through a collaboration between two companies: Iron Armi eToni System. The basic mechanics derives from the original Iron Armi 12 gauge project, semi-automatic and gas-operated charging system. It however has different outfit, nice to see, in the practical and efficient use. Designed to meet all the needs of the dynamic shooting. Thanks to the experience of Toni System in the sport sector we have created a high-performance product. Stock and forend made of polymer, receiver in anodized blue ergal. Barrel variable length with muzzle brake, depending on the needs of the buyer. Magazine tube with a capacity up to 12 shot plus one in the barrel. Barrel bridge’s pointing system patented by Toni System. Changes from the original model: lightening of receiver, processing for better cartridges’insertion, side lever is increased, shutter release button is increased, 12 shots magazine tube, barrel bridge Toni System (patented), V4 compensator, pillow recoil, non-slip grip, certified calibration 50 mt. Each Iron Competition 12/76 could be customized, at the request of the buyer, by making changes in accordance with the applicable laws relating to weapons. Certified by Banco Nazionale di Gardone Valtrompia for use with steel ammunition.

*The images are for demonstration purposes, the lateral incision may vary depending on the rating